November 2021 Product of the Month ( Biya Candle Rings)

Last month, back in October (and yes, I do recognize that November is almost over–huge apologies for being tardy!), I had the pleasure of attending a small open house for a new start-up company, Biya. This open house was to showcase Biya’s products and to spread the word that sustainable home decor can look fashionable! Biya is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, but the products are made in India, allowing the owners, Pooja and Prateesha, to share the works of Indian artisans. The company makes items for home decor, tableware, and kitchenware. All of the fabulous goodies are sustainable, chemical free, and made out of grass, metal, clay, linen, and wood. 

I walked into the apartment where the open house was being held with the mindset that I was going to behave and not purchase a thing; as my mother always told me in jewelry stores: shop with your eyes, not with your hands. But from the moment I entered the inviting space, full of all the eye-catching products, I could tell that I would have a difficult time doing this. I felt like I was walking into an high-end home store. Both Pooja and Prateesha were quite friendly and helpful, happy to tell me all about their business and products. 

I wanted one of everything, but being on a financial diet I finally told myself I could purchase just one item…my only problem was then having too many options to choose from! My eyes kept going back to a pair of clay candle holders. The orbs come as a pair (Two for the price of what I thought was one?? SCORE!). The terra-cotta color remains on the outside of the candleholder’s round shape, but the inside is painted in a metallic gold. Every time I light my candles, the gold reflects the light causing it to shine brighter, while the strategically placed holes along the tops allow the light to dance, creating a warm, intimate ambience.

As you shop for the upcoming holidays or for any gifts throughout the year, I want to suggest that you take a look at Biya. Support our local economy while also being good for the Earth. Mother Nature and your friends will thank you! 

The Unlikely Influencer

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