Lack of resources, as they say, leads to innovation. This one liner sums up our story which winds up its dream beyond just happy clients. It is a vision that everyone’s home, planet earth is at peace and does not suffer more.

Every good thing comes with a story!

It all started when we two best friends, moved into new homes and were awed with setting up a personalised living space where we could make memories, detached from the outside world. Styling a restful abode goes beyond one’s design appeal and pieces within a space. We needed natural materials to give us wellbeing benefits and improve our connection to nature.

However, our quest for sustainable chemical free home decor items soon turned into nightmare. We were taken aback by the limited off the shelf options available and the obscene prices they were being sold at. Furthermore, the pieces available in the marketplace had some element of plastic or chemical in it.

Left with slender options, we started curating our own collection from all over the world, designing and manufacturing them through the help of artisans and friends with creative minds. The end result was unimaginable and we were over blown by what we had achieved. 

While setting up things, our belief in this larger than life vision of designing an ethical abode had gotten a push. We were overwhelmed with the admiration and the compliments. Soon requests for similar products from our loved ones starting pouring in.

Start of a new journey!

Realizing the need we decided to turn the scarcity of sustainable home decor into a brighter opportunity! The reward was not only in monetary terms but towards our goal of promoting lifestyle change through calmer and peacefully designed homes. Soon, with such thought, BIYA was born! Since then we have never looked back.

On our goal of having a life with lesser plastic & more sustainability coinciding with zero wastage, our brand took the challenge of doing so. We must remember that sustainability and sustainable development is the way forward and this goal is achievable with our environment friendly objectives.