Alqatifa Khadi Eco Print Runner


Biya’s Linen series “Nayab” presents you with a Runner made from organic khadi fabric which is hand-dyed using natural plant-based colours and is our signature style that embodies this very special and unique Eco-Printing Technique.

Khadi, the hand woven and hand spun fabric is made with natural fibre and is woven such that the fabric keeps cool during summers and warm during winters. While it is referred to as the hope of masses, it can also be referred to as the hope for our environment. Some of the positive aspects of Khadi are:

-Durable and Comfortable
-Does not wear out easily
-It becomes more exquisite after every wash
-An extensive use of Khadi implies a significant increase in employment
-It is a step towards rural community of workers

The colour is derived from Natural heat dyes which are extracted from natural ingredients at a temperature of above 50 degrees Celsius and is totally plant based and chemical free.
The colour on the runner is derived from Indigo and handmade using the Eco-Printing Technique.

Eco printing is a technique that transfers plant colour and shape onto the cloth. Eco Printing creates natural impressions of leaves, using the natural pigments, tannins and acids present in leaves, by combining them with mordants, moisture and heat on the fabric. This piece has been hand crafted using Marigold flower petal to create this one-of-a-kind design. Each piece has an identity of its own and is a function of the natural conditions, colour of the botanical at the time of crafting.

These Eco Print Runners are ideal for an 8-seater for Large and 6-seater for medium dining table and are elegant in their own unique way. Each piece has an identity of its own and is a function of the natural conditions under which they were crafted.


228 x 35 cm (Large)

178 x 35 cm (Medium)


  228 x 35 cm (Large) 178 x 35 cm (Medium) Wash Care- Handwash with soft detergent and shade dry thus avoiding the harsh sun NOTE: Each piece is handcrafted using natural fibres, slight variations may occur in colour and size plus it will have a rustic finish as opposed to those that are machine made.

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Medium, Large


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