Aniya Blue and White Runner


Biya’s Linen series “Nayab” presents you with Double-Sided Runners (White Runner) made from organic cotton fabric which is hand-dyed using natural colours.

Organic cotton, as the name suggests is cotton which is produce by all organic measures. Use of this fabric, comes with various benefits for the environment and our people. It is cultivated in a way that’s less harmful for our environment and requires less water and no pesticides or insecticides.

-No chemical retentions from its garments or other products
-Reduces exposure to allergens and dermatological issues
-Uses lower carbon
-Use of organic cotton, benefits the farmer as they are exposed to less threat

These colourful runners are made with natural colours using the traditional hand block technique. As the printing is done by hand using the hand block technique, there might be a slight variation in outcome. This piece is a fruit of hard labour from our artisans who go to all lengths to bring these pieces to life.

These runners are ideal for an 8-seater for Large and 6-seater for medium dining table and are elegant in their own unique way. Each piece has an identity of its own and is a function of the natural conditions under which they were crafted.


228 x 35 cm (Large)

178 x 35 cm (Medium)

These runners are like a piece of art running through your table and are unique such that they work from both sides. One side presents you with a classic blue and white pattern and the other side is a solid royal blue. All you have to do is flip them and it is a completely new runner that presents itself.


  Dimensions- Size 1- 228 x 35 cm Size 2- 178 x 35 cm Wash Care- Handwash with soft detergent and shade dry thus avoiding the harsh sun NOTE: Each piece is handcrafted using natural fibres, slight variations may occur in colour and size plus it will have a rustic finish as opposed to those that are machine made.

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Medium, Large


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