Asfar Grass Baskets, Set of 4


Dress up your table with these beautiful, earthy and eco-friendly baskets by Biya; handcrafted out of Sabai Grass. These can also be used functionally as fruit and vegetable bowls, for serving breads, as bathroom baskets etc.
They come as a set of 4 in different sizes and are epitome of both form and function.

The Grass baskets are handwoven using Sabai Grass; the dyes and thread used are totally plant based and eco friendly. The product is completely natural, devoid of any chemicals whatsoever.

Sabai Grass is Eco-friendly, biodegradable, and Durable Material. A complete alternative to plastic trays.

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The dimensions of this product read: Basket 1: , Basket 2:, Basket 3:, Basket 4: NOTE: Each piece is handcrafted using natural fibres, slight variations may occur in colour and size. Wash Care: Indoor use only. Use a soft brush or wet cloth to clean this product. Dry out completely.


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