Asfar Organic Khadi Runner


Biya’s Asfar Organic Khadi Runner not only protects the dining table from heat, scratches, and stains but also illuminates the dining room’s design settings. The table runner is made of high-quality material and is simple to set, pick, wipe, and store. This beautiful sunset yellow runner will brighten your day and any space that it occupies. Use this centre runner to give the table shape and organisation. The table runner can also be used as a decorative accent on the side table.

Our carefully produced table runner, woven by talented hands utilising the backstrap loom, additional weft technique, will add natural elegance and charm to your favourite table settings. The colours are heat dyes using all natural materials such as turmeric to bring this beauty to life.

The Khadi Tale 

Khadi, a handwoven and hand spun fabric, is made of natural fibres and is weaved in such a way that it stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. While it is known as the hope of the masses, it can also be known as the hope of our environment. Some of the benefits of Organic Khadi Runner include: -Durable and comfortable -Does not wear out easily -It becomes more exquisite after each wash -Extensive usage of Khadi means a large growth in employment -It is a step towards rural worker communities -Eco-friendly

This runner is the result of our artists’ tireless efforts to bring these creations to reality.

These runners, which are attractive in their own right, are excellent for an 8-seater for Large and a 6-seater for Medium dining table. Each artwork has its unique individuality that is a result of the natural conditions in which it was created.



228 x 35 cm (Large)

178 x 35 cm (Medium)

Wash Care- Hand-wash with soft detergent and shade dry thus avoiding the harsh sun

NOTE: Each piece is handcrafted using natural fibres, slight variations may occur in colour and size plus it will have a rustic finish as opposed to those that are machine made.

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Medium, Large


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