Iishraq Bamboo Fabric Tie n Dye Cushion


Biya’s Linen series “Nayab” presents you with a Cushion made from organic Bamboo fabric which is hand-dyed using natural plant-based colours.

Bamboo serves as one of the most sustainable plant of our time, which is grown organically, as it requires no pesticides to mature and biodegrades quickly. Bamboo textile that consists of antibacterial quality, is a step towards the ethical lifestyle. This textile helps to reduce bacteria that thrive in clothing and serves us with multiple properties such as-

– Durability even after multiple wash
– Blends easily with cotton and hemp
– UV Resistant
– Naturally hypoallergenic
– Highly moisture and water absorbent, with quick drying
– Kills odour causing bacteria

The colour is derived from Natural heat dyes which are extracted from natural ingredients at a temperature of above 50 degrees Celsius and is totally plant based and chemical free. The colour on the cushions is derived from Indigo plus Flame of the Forest and handmade using multi-colour tie and die technique.

Tie and dye technique is done by hand in which patterns are produced by gathering or sewing many small portions of the fabric then tying them tightly to give it a dye bath. This runner is a fruit of hard labour from our artisans who go to all lengths to bring these pieces to life.

These cushions can be bought as a set of 4, each pattern is different from the other but sit well together as a set, in perfect synergy with one another.

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Dimensions- 40 x 40 cm Wash Care- Handwash with soft detergent and shade dry thus avoiding the harsh sun NOTE: Each piece is handcrafted using natural fibres, slight variations may occur in colour and size plus it will have a rustic finish as opposed to those that are machine made.


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