Ivana White Arrows Organic Hemp Runner


Neutrality with a pop twist. Because of its simplicity, this Ivana White Arrows Organic Hemp Runner can complement any decor or style. Hemp is a natural, comfortable, and long-lasting fibre with numerous advantages, including environmental friendliness. All of our Organic Hemp Runners are made with natural processing procedures, making them ideal for folks who are sensitive to chemicals and synthetic fibres. Biya’s Hemp table runner’s sustainability and unsurpassed durability mean you may proudly exhibit your hemp decor for years to come while also helping to protect the environment.

100 percent organic hemp, produced ethically and sustainably, provides an unmatched experience in sleep and relaxation. Hemp grows incredibly densely and is naturally resistant to most pests. As a result, it does not require herbicides and has virtually no weed or insect enemies. Pests in future crops are minimised when crops are planted in rotation, according to research. Furthermore, the plant is a great source of oxygen generation.

The Black Hemp Arrows 

The colour is generated from natural heat dyes, which are taken from natural substances at temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius. It is completely plant-based and chemical-free.

The colour of the runner is created by hand using the block printing technique using black cutch and charcoal powder. This runner is the result of our artists’ tireless efforts to bring these creations to reality.

This Hemp Runner is excellent for an 8-seater Large dining table and a 6-seater Medium dining table, and it is lovely in its own right. Each artwork has its unique individuality that is a result of the natural conditions in which it was created.



228 x 35 cm (Large)

178 x 35 cm (Medium)

Wash Care- Hand-wash with soft detergent and shade dry thus avoiding the harsh sun

NOTE: Each piece is handcrafted using natural fibres, slight variations may occur in colour and size plus it will have a rustic finish as opposed to those that are machine made.

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Medium, Large


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