Longpi Carafe


The slender-necked Longpi Carafe is a rustic spin on traditional carafes, combining an earthy look with a modern design. These will preserve your water loaded with nutritious ingredients and will protect your beverages from pathogens. Set this up on your coffee table or dinner table to provide your guests with an easy-to-pour jug that is also easy to handle and manoeuvre.

The Process 

This Longpi Carafe is blended in a certain ratio with water to achieve a clay-like consistency. The fact that this pottery is not created on a potter’s wheel distinguishes it. Hands and tools are used to shape each item.

Heated for hours in the kiln at a very high temperature of 900 degrees Celsius. When these are removed from the kiln, they are rubbed with the leaves of Chiron Na, resulting in the shiny black sheen of this pottery.

Your drinks will only taste sweeter because they are made from natural clay and the goodness of the land. By purchasing this item from the Longpi Collection, you are not only helping the environment but also ensuring a sustainable way of life for the destitute countless families in villages who create these amazing works of art. Because of the nature of the product, handmade irregularities and minor variances may exist.

Bringing Back The Era 

This Longpi Carafe by Biya is an environmentally friendly black carafe that will remind you of your grandmother’s house because it is a tribute to the traditional earthen pot. In your exclusive parties, this Carafe is ideal for serving juices, cocktails, or even water. The Longpi Carafe is composed of natural earthenware clay, serpentine, and weathered rocks and is handcrafted in Manipur without the use of a potter’s wheel.

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Dimensions– H- 9″ Base D- 5″ Surface D- 3″

Wash Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth or use very mild liquid and a sponge 

DISCLAIMER: Do not wash with a hard or iron sponge.


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