Longpi Handmade Cooking Pot with Cover


This handmade Biya cooking pot is a befitting choice to cook up delicious food. Made entirely with natural raw materials such as black stone and clay, this handmade cooking pot with cover is chemical-free and its natural color vents out traditional vibes.

Now cook & serve dishes in this elegant collection of carefully curated Biya products of stone & clay which don’t harm your health. The storage capacity makes it perfect to render your favorite dishes any time.

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The dimensions of this product read 7” x 5.5”. The products are completely natural, devoid of any chemicals and they hold many benefits. 1- The rocks contain naturally-occurring iron. When we cook food in these pots or eat in these vessels the heat infuses our food with the iron. 2- These pots are made out of stone & so the food sizzles for a long time even after the pot is taken off the stove. This means meals are kept warm for longer, so goodbye to re-heating. 3- These pots are actually microwave-friendly! Isn’t that unbelievable? The artisans heat the completed pots to 900 degrees centigrade to toughen them and prepare them for direct use on stoves and microwaves. Wash Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth or using very mild liquid and sponge DISCLAIMER: Do not wash with a hard or iron sponge.


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