Longpi Stone Flat Base Skillet


For every curry-lover out there, this lightweight and iron-rich Biya Tawa kadhai need to be on your essentials list now! Made straight from natural resources this eye-catchy black kadhai retains the hotness, gives more delight, and adds aesthetic appeal to your kitchenware.

Crafted to handle both gas stoves and microwave oven, this Stone Flat Base Skillet kadhai sits perfectly in both styles, also, it needs lesser oil for cooking and accumulates more nutrition so that your health stays right!

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The dimensions of the product read 7.5” x 3” The products are completely natural, devoid of any chemicals and they hold many benefits. 1- The rocks contain naturally-occurring iron. When we cook food in these pots or eat in these vessels the heat infuses our food with the iron. 2- These pots are made out of stone & so the food sizzles for a long time even after the pot is taken off the stove. This means meals are kept warm for longer, so goodbye to re-heating. 3- These pots are actually microwave-friendly! Isn’t that unbelievable? The artisans heat the completed pots to 900 degrees centigrade to toughen them and prepare them for direct use on stoves and microwaves. Wash Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth or using very mild liquid and sponge DISCLAIMER: Do not wash with a hard or iron sponge.


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