Longpi Tumblers- Set of 2


Biya’s Longpi tumbler is notable for its surreal black radiance and rustic matte texture, as well as its historical significance. Longpi containers were only used for royal rites, religious celebrations, and important gatherings. The earthenware is thought to resemble a womb in mythology and to contain restorative medical powers. Our unglazed pieces, made by hand-patting clay, get their natural sheen from an age-old low-firing procedure. Furthermore, Longpi chips age, resulting in unique patterns on each piece – the perfect ode to the charming faults of the handcrafted.

The Black Pottery 

In this handmade black pottery tumbler, you may enjoy your favourite beverage. Because of the reactive nature of the glaze, each stoneware tumbler will have its own particular aesthetic, with organic curves and a lighter rim. This black stoneware tumbler has a clean and modern shape with unusual patterning and tonal effects. The tumbler has extraordinary strength and durability because of being fired at extremely high temperatures.

This product was created by hand and may have minor flaws as a result of human involvement in the process.

The Pros Of Longpi 

This pottery is made without the use of any chemicals, machines, or wheels. It is known to help pregnant women avoid morning sickness.

It is safe to use over an open flame, in the microwave, and in the dishwasher.

Longpi pottery is ideal for simmering and slow cooking meat and lentils for hours over a low flame, homogenising and condensing them. The contents continue to sizzle long after it has been removed from the fire, ensuring that the food remains hot.

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Dimensions-  H- 5.5″ D- 3″

Wash Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth or use very mild liquid and a sponge 

DISCLAIMER: Do not wash with a hard or iron sponge.


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