Longpi Wine Glasses- Set of 2


This Longpi black wine Glass by Biya looks great on any kitchen countertop with its sleek form and classic earthy tone. Because no chemicals or artificial products are used in the production of Longpi black pottery, the raw materials used are entirely natural. This Earthenware Clay wine glass has no hazardous chemicals or toxic materials. It is ideal for serving at parties and may also be used on a daily basis.

From StoneAge To Modern World 

The combination of earthy clay and serpentine rock, worn to a smooth texture, results in unique barware that draws everyone’s attention.

Invoke a rustic vibe in your gatherings by serving your guests with these magnificent glasses. Another advantage is that these glasses are difficult to break and strong, making them ideal for lively parties and brunches. Purchase your set now to get the celebration started.

By purchasing this item from the Longpi Collection, you are not only helping the environment but also ensuring a sustainable way of life for the destitute countless families in Manipur’s villages who create these amazing works of art.

Natural & Toxin Free Wine Tasting

 Coffee mugs, kettles, platters, pots, plates, and woks are all examples. So it’s time to give your kitchen a facelift. But, more importantly, it is time to eliminate a few pollutants from our daily lives by using these longpi products on a regular basis. Utensils made of black stone have the advantages of health, taste retention, natural hygiene, and no adverse effects.

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Dimensions-  H- 6″ D- 3″

Wash Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth or use very mild liquid and a sponge 

DISCLAIMER: Do not wash with a hard or iron sponge.


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